Rhymingly Race (Trust No One)

Experimental game, fusion between rhythm and typing games, in the form of a short story/poem. 

Currently, there are a couple bugs that still haven't been fixed. However, since this was an experiment I won't spend anymore time fixing it. 

Controls + Others

Type out greyed out words

Esc to pause

Entire game takes 4 minutes to play

Play until the end to see score

Highest Score is 1000000, Highest grade is SSS (Nearly Impossible though)


Font used is called Quicksand

Other assets were all made by me

The poem/story I wrote for this game is relatively bad but if you want to read the whole thing without distractions this is it:


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Ben Bonk Jam ( Trust No One).exe 35 MB
Ben Bonk Jam ( Trust No One).pck 4 MB


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I think there needs to be a way to know what letter you are on. Even just an underscore would work.

Ah I had this at first, but I got this bug where two type boxes would take in inputs at the same time. Didn't know how to fix it so I left that feature out ;-;

I'm a fast typer, but I had a bad habit of wanting to space in between sections

Dude how even, you are like this close to SSS, impressive. Yeah I was going to add spaces in between all of them to make them convenient but the way I wrote the code made it hard to do within the time.

I just realised the SS is not aligned in the center cause I never had a chance to see it while play testing haha. 

I hope you have fun with this game. If you do please post your highscore. Thanks! :D