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If I go back to get something I missed, I end up getting trapped without anything to jump to. Fun concept, however, and I'm going to restart it to play it again.

Yeah I saw this becoming an issue, I tried adding like more trees so like there were more ways to go up and down but ah I am not sure it helped. ;-; Glad you liked it though :D

I finished it the second time, it was a lot of fun. Reminded me of those old grey goo games. You should keep working on it :) maybe add a directional boost or something if you get stuck

It's a pretty cool concept. After consuming more, the FPS starts to go down and it takes several seconds to register another input. Not sure if I reached the ending or not, the camera kind of just went all over the place. I really like your style and design.

Ah, the FPS still drops I see. I thought I reduced it.

The ending was also not done properly, I wanted to make the camera stay still as like the Swarm exploded. But because the camera is tied to the average position of the Swarm things it got complicated and I ran out of time.


i like the art style and the concept. Unfortunatly, i reached a situation where the game hasnt ended, but i have no avaible actions left.  A "defeated+restart" screen would be cool.

Glad you liked the art style.

I am assuming you mean the case where you have a couple of them left but you can’t move because of reduced sight? I didn’t think of that case actually, I will see what I can do.