E or Space to pick up / put down turrets

WASD or Arrow keys for movement

Esc for Pause and Unpause

Game Mechanics

Protect the Moving Pure Green Crystal by positioning your turrets

All entities in the games share the same health system. 

1) All entities grow in relation to their health (Damage, Range, Size, Weight ...)

2) The Player (as well as enemies) is capable of absorbing health orbs (dropped by enemies)

3) The Player can transfer excess health to his turrets as well as the Pure Green Crystal (Enemies can also transfer health to each other)

4) If the player gains too much health, it will spawn a turret at its location

Survive for as long as possible to get the best high score

Extra mechanics:

Turrets decay after being inactive after a while

Larger enemies take reduced damage

Large enemies can consume smaller turrets (One-shot)


Submission for the Mash Up Gamejam. I may work on this in the future depending on the feedback I receive so please give your thoughts and suggestions.

The theme was Size Matters

Since all entities are based around their size that answers itself

This is my 3rd Game Jam :D

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I'm a sucker for tower defense games, and I honestly LOVE this concept. For a game like this though I personally would like even more control; either being able to shoot/target stuff myself or choosing when to drop a new turret, where if I wait then the turret becomes bigger upon being dropped maybe?

Either way, a solid 8/10 from me. The visuals are simplistic enough to be enjoyable but the sounds get *slightly* annoying after a while, but it could definitely be a lot worse. The music is great though!

Oh thanks. I will update the game in the future after the rating for the game jam is done. I plan to add controls for placing turrets and improving the sounds. Thanks for playing, makes me really glad. :D